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This is the blog of the most awesome people ever, Bryce and Julie Stewart. We are really fun and always seem to be doing something exciting so we decided to start a blog, basically to show how awesome we are. We temporarily live in Park City, UT while Bryce finishes school at UVU, but our hearts reside in Las Vegas. We have known one another since we can remember. We both had crushes on one another when we were really young, and then when Julie turned 16 we started dating. We didn't date long before we broke up. Then we didn't talk for 2 years. We ended up rekindling the flame when we were both stuck in Park City during Christmas. We happened to go out to dinner with both our parents. We began talking and hanging out that Christmas, and that's when things got shady. We dated for 2 years after that and then Bryce went on his mission to Nashville, Tennessee. Julie is amazing and was completely faithful to Bryce while he was gone. We didn't waste much time when Bryce got home and we were married on May 10, 2008.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

We did it!

Well we finally decided to become bloggers.  Not only did we become bloggers, we also created a blog for my brother Jason and his wife Pilar without their knowledge.  We thought we were so funny because Jason is always stalking everyone else's blogs and would completely die if he knew he had a blog of his own.  Of course, he finds it within minutes of someone adding it to their followers list.  If you would like to check out their blog, which really did take me a while, then go to  I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he makes me delete it.  It was fun while it lasted and I think it is really cute.  
So we decided to make a blog because we do some pretty fun things and as long as we bring our camera along then it should make for some good posts.  Maybe all the married couples with kids that don't have the chance to do whatever they want anymore could live vicariously through us.  We are trying to do as many fun things as we can before we even think about having kids.  Not that the party stops when you have kids, but I hear it's a little different and you have to be more responsible.  Responsibility is not something either of us really have right now.  
We have a couple of fun trips that we are looking forward to.  One is a 2 week trip to Costa Rica through UVU independent study.  It will be an all adventure trip full of hiking, river rafting, canopy adventures, and more.  We haven't paid for this trip yet but we are pretty sure that we are going to go.  The other trip that we just planned and are for sure going to is to Disney World.  We are going with everyone in my family except Jason, Pili, and Gavin because that is right after their new baby is due.  I offered to bring Gavin, but they do not really trust me with their first born.  Sorry guys, we will be thinking of you.  So there will be 7 kids from ages 2 to 10 and then two kids that are both 23.  We just booked the trip yesterday and are all so excited.  Only Justin and Preshes have been before so we don't really know what to expect.  We can't wait!!!


  1. It's about time you joined the cool club! Cute blog!!

  2. Just so you know, when I go to your blog Scarlett starts to dance. She loves this song!

  3. What happened to the cheese blog?

    I got in trouble for nothing???

    He scared you off???

    I lost all respect for you GIRL!!

  4. Julie you really are crazy! I love how you take the time to start a blog and then you haven't posted forever.